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Personal Injury

Have you become the victim of a traffic incident, workplace accident, occupational disease, or a medical error? Or are you the survivor of a victim that has passed away as the result of an accident? Then you are in need of a personal injury lawyer who will truly help you. A lawyer who answers your questions and who can recover your damage from the liable party. JPR is that personal injury lawyer for you in the Deventer and Doetinchem region. We will gladly explain how we will go through the process together.

Good to know: the costs for us as personal injury lawyers will be at the cost of the liable party or insurer after determining liability. We do not have a 'no cure no pay' solution, but oftentimes you will face no costs hiring us.

Personal injury for entrepreneurs

When you, as an independent entrepreneur or self-employed worker without employees are in an accident or have acquired brain injury (ABI), then the issues you will be confronted with are impossible to keep track of..

Our expert personal injury lawyers have the experience and expertise to help you get your life at home or at work back on track and to ensure that you receive the compensation you are entitled to. We know the ins and outs, we know our way with the insurance industry and know how the game is played. No case is too complex. To the contrary: we like facing a challenge. That is why we also assist insurance companies. We have experienced the point of view of both sides, which is a great advantage for you.

Your recovery is our priority

We not only help you through our knowledge and experience in the field of liability and compensation law. Your recovery is much more important to us. Our goal is to return you to your old situation as much as possible. If any adjustments need to be made so you can work properly again, for example, then we will work on this for you. This recovery requires compensation in the form of compensation of damage.

At the centre of the web

As the spider at the centre of the web, your JPR personal injury lawyer ensures that the right steps are taken for your optimal recovery. We take responsibility and use consultants when necessary. We exclusively look after your interests during our contact with insurance companies, claims adjusters, medical consultants, occupational consultants and others.

Specialist Personal Injury Lawyers (LSA)

Mr. N.P.H. Borm is a member of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (LSA). This ensures you benefit from the highest legal quality and experience in the field.

For which damage can you put in a claim?

If you are the victim of an accident, then you can claim loss of earning capacity (loss of income, loss of pension, etc.) and loss of independence in and around the home. It is also possible to claim medical costs, adjustment costs, lawyer costs and reintegration costs. If you have suffered a delay in your studies, then this is also damage that we can claim on your behalf. Additionally, we can claim compensation for pain and suffering, an immaterial compensation for the damage you suffered as a result of the accident due to pain, loss of enjoyment of life and other suffering.

As the survivor of a victim who died as the result of an accident, you can claim loss of livelihood, funeral expenses and lawyers costs.

If you are looking for a personal injury lawyer in the Deventer or Doetinchem region, then we will be at your side to claim your damage and help you with your recovery.

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