Insurance Law

Insurance Law

Our insurance and liability lawyers work full-time in this area and have a nationwide practice. A specialized JPR lawyer in insurance law and liability law has the experience and expertise to solve your insurance problems. We are happy to support insurers and large companies.

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Why engage an insurance lawyer from JPR?

Each insurance lawyer at JPR has extensive knowledge of the rules, laws, and regulations that apply in disputes surrounding insurance law. That is why they are suitable to be called upon for guidance and advice on various situations in organisations and insurers. Think of product liability, absenteeism, or the handling of your medical data.

At JPR, we work with efficient work processes, realistic rates, and predictable costs. An insurance lawyer can support, assist, and advise in various insurance disputes. JPR proves that professionalism doesn’t have to be cold or distant. How we do that? We understand your concerns, and with great knowledge and skill, our insurance lawyers deal with them.

When might you engages an insurance lawyer?

Do you encounter disputes or ambiguities in insurance claims that need to be resolved, for example within the specific areas of Construction All-Risk (CAR) insurance, Liability Insurance Companies (AVB), or Construction Design Insurance? Or does your company need support with insurance-related regulations? We advise engaging an insurance lawyer. We also assist in situations like:

  • Product liability: damage was caused by a defect in the product;
  • Advice around cases under the Financial Supervision Act (Wft);
  • In case of disputes when an insurer does not want to provide coverage around professional liability;
  • In case of disputes around the claim for a benefit.

Do you have questions about insurance law?

Our specialists will be happy to assist you. Feel free to share your question or challenge with us.

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