3 januari 2020

Notice for suppliers and customers of THR B.V.

Tian Herstel
Notice for customers of THR B.V. | JPR Advocaten

On 23 December 2019, the provisional suspension of payment was pronounced by the District Court of Gelderland with regard to THR B.V., established in (7325 WC) Apeldoorn at Ecofactorij 20. Tian Herstel has been appointed administrator. In consultation with the director of THR B.V., on 27 December 2019 the suspension of payment was revoked with the simultaneous pronouncement of bankruptcy. The administrator has been appointed trustee and Mr. E. Schippers has been appointed Judge-Commissioner. Simultaneously with the pronouncement of the bankruptcy the Court has ordered a cooling-off period for the duration of two months.

The company will be continued from the bankruptcy until further notice. First of all, suppliers will have to submit their claims. If they are of the opinion that there are goods at THR on which they can assert special rights, for instance an own-domain right, they can make these rights known by sending them provided with evidence by e-mail (thr@jpr.nl). If it concerns a special right, this will be taken into account in the further settlement. If the goods in question are sold as part of the continuation, then those goods will be settled. The continuation of the company gives the greatest chance of a successful restart and therefore an optimal return for the creditors. For the continuation, in addition to the full commitment of THR's employees, your cooperation as supplier or customer is also essential. We hope to be able to count on your cooperation.

What does this mean for you as a supplier of THR?

  • You have supplied goods or services and the invoices have not been paid (in full). To begin, you will have to submit your claim. You can do this by sending an email to thr@jpr.nl, Enclose the relevant invoices.
  • Have you stipulated a retention of title? Also enclose the documents that show that.
  • If it subsequently appears that the retention of title is legally valid, this will be respected. If property belonging to you has been sold after the bankruptcy, it will be settled with you. Collecting goods is currently not possible due to the cooling-off period.
  • Orders placed and delivered to you after the date of bankruptcy will be paid for.

What does this mean for you as a customer of THR?

  • From 2 January 2020, deliveries from THR will be resumed.
  • The (payment) conditions are in accordance with that agreement with THR.
  • The outstanding claims with regard to past and future deliveries will have to be paid by you in the usual way, without settlement.

If you have any questions or remarks? Email your question to thr@jpr.nl. We will respond as soon as possible.

We will communicate developments via the website of JPR Advocaten (www.jpr.nl). Keep an eye on this. Your trusted contact person at THR will also be able to inform you.

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