Tenancy Law

Tenancy Law

The rental market for both residential and commercial premises is fierce and dynamic. Tenancy law is complex, with constant changes to the applicable laws and regulations. Do you need help and support with issues relating to tenancy law? We are happy to work with you and provide advice on the steps to take. A tenancy lawyer at JPR advocaten will know both the pitfalls and opportunities within this area of law.

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Why engage a tenancy lawyer from JPR?

JPR employs lawyers specialists in tenancy law with extensive knowledge of the rules, laws, and regulations that apply. We offer help in rent disputes and other matters.

At JPR, we work with efficient work processes, predictable costs, and realistic fees. A tenancy lawyer can provide support, assistance and advice related to various matters within tenancy law. JPR proves that professionalism does not have to be cold or distant. How we do that? Our tenancy lawyers understand the concerns of different clients and help them with great skill and enthusiasm.

When might you engage a tenancy lawyer?

A tenancy lawyer specialises in tenancy law. They can help you draught or review the lease contract, as well as deal with issues such as demolition, renovation, or major maintenance or behavioural instructions. We also assist business tenants forced to leave their premises, for example, due to the renovation or conversion of a shopping centre.

For landlords

You might engage a tenancy lawyer if you want to draw up a lease or have it reviewed for commercial or residential premises. We also assist you with:

  • Second and last-chance agreements;
  • Co-tenancy;
  • The temporary rental of residential or commercial premises;
  • Raising rent;
  • Rent arrears from tenants;
  • Renovating as a property developer.

For tenants

You might engage a tenancy lawyer if the business premises you rent are being renovated or converted, or in cases like:

  • Rent increases you disagree with;
  • Termination of lease;
  • Indigenisation;
  • Checking your lease;
  • In case of maintenance defects.

Do you have tenancy law questions?

Could you use some help from a lawyer specialising in tenancy law? Feel free to get in touch; we are happy to help you.

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