Employment Law

Employment Law

Do you need help and support with employment law issues? We will gladly think along with you and advise you on which steps to take. It is our mission to take away any worries you may have. JPR advocaten's employment law team consists of several experienced specialists. We advise not only national and international entrepreneurs, directors and HR departments, but also represent individual employees.

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Why engage an employment lawyer from JPR?

JPR employs lawyers who are specialists in employment law. Our employment lawyers have extensive knowledge of the rules, laws, and regulations that apply to disputes in or around the workplace. They are therefore your go-to for assistance and advice concerning various situations within organisations such as labour disputes, instant dismissals, and reviewing termination agreements.

We work with efficient work processes, predictable costs and realistic rates. An employment lawyer can support, help and advise in various employment law disputes. We prove that professionalism does not have to be cold and distant. How do we realise that? Our experienced employment lawyers understand the concerns of business owners and organisations and address them with great skill and enthusiasm.

When do you engage an employment lawyer?

It is often thought that an employment lawyer only works for employees, but this is not the case. Employers can also engage an employment lawyer. In fact, an employment lawyer provides support during various types of labour conflicts in the workplace. Both employers and employees can come to us for personal advice.

For employers

Typically, an employment lawyer is engaged in situations where legal expertise and advice on employment law is needed. For example, as an employer, you might engage an employment lawyer to:

  • Draft or amend employment contracts;
  • Handle employment disputes or dismissal cases;
  • Supervise reorganisations or restructuring;
  • Interpret collective bargaining agreements and terms and conditions of employment;
  • Advise on employment law legislation and regulations;
  • Draft company policies on employment law issues;
  • Represent the company in legal proceedings relating to employment law.

Engaging an employment lawyer helps protect the company’s interest and minimises potential risks. Employment lawyers ensure that the company is in compliance with applicable laws and regulations in the field of employment law.

For employees

Engage an employment law firm if you have a conflict with your employer. For example, if you want to have a settlement agreement reviewed or if you have ended up in dismissal proceedings. You can also ask an employment lawyer to:

  • Handle employment disputes;
  • Advise on rights and obligations in the event of incapacity for work or illness;
  • Represent you in dismissal procedures;
  • Supervise negotiations in the event of, for example, a settlement agreement;
  • Handle istant dismissals, via the subdistrict court or the UWV;
  • Help you claim back pay;
  • Negotiate severance pay.

Do you have questions about employment law?

Could you use some help from our team of employment lawyers? Feel free to get in touch. We are happy to help you address your employment disputes.

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