Intellectual Property Law

Intellectual Property Law

Intellectual property law protects creative works, product design, technical inventions, and the identity of companies. It can cover all kinds of creations such as books, software, photographs, inventions, music, products, (trade) names, drawings, and trademarks. Think of a unique hand-painted portrait or the invention of the folding bicycle, but also the trade name of the bakery around the corner. All these creations are protected by various areas of law that fall under intellectual property law.

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Our specialists in intellectual property law

Why engage an intellectual property lawyer from JPR?

Our specialists have knowledge of the case law, rules and laws that apply to disputes surrounding intellectual property law. JPR is also a member of the International Practice Group, a worldwide lawyer partnership that offers additional support in cross-border issues, such as referring clients to lawyers abroad. In addition, JPR specialises in many other areas of law, such as IT law, construction law, and labour law that may intersect with your case.

An intellectual property lawyer specialises in litigating and advising on various disputes surrounding intellectual property law. At JPR, we work with efficient work processes, predictable costs, and realistic rates. We prove that professionalism does not have to be cold or distant. How we do that? The team at JPR understands your concerns and addresses them with great skill and enthusiasm.

When might you engage an intellectual property lawyer?

You might engage an intellectual property lawyer for a variety of issues. For instance, you might want to brainstorm with a lawyer to know whether a product has a chance in the market. Does it resemble other products? When drafting an agreement, such as a license agreement, publishing agreement, or non-disclosure agreement, you might also engage an intellectual property lawyer.

Similarly, if you want to protect your work through intellectual property law, you could engage an intellectual property lawyer to prevent others from using your work without permission. An intellectual property lawyer can properly assess what rights you have. They also advise on what you need to stipulate in a contract and which procedures you need to follow to protect your work.

In addition, you might engage an intellectual property lawyer to:

  • Assess whether your creation is protected;
  • Assist in counterfeiting issues;
  • Trademark infringements;
  • Assess whether a creation infringes your product;
  • Assess your legal position;
  • Assist in infringement disputes;
  • Draft relevant agreements.

Do you have questions in the field of intellectual property law?

Every intellectual property lawyer at JPR is happy to assist you. Please share your question or challenge with us without any obligation.

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