The new lawyers

The new lawyers

It’s time for a new kind of advocacy. Because let’s face it, for many, our profession seems to be focused on tradition, hierarchy, and status. But not at JPR. We break through preconceptions with our entirely unique take on the legal profession. Here, it’s all about positive collaboration – and that’s an innovative starting point.

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As soon as you step inside our offices you’ll notice the difference: JPR lawyers are professionals who know how to make their clients feel seen. Inspired advocates who understand the concerns of entrepreneurs and organisations and put all of their passion and focus into helping them. We prove that professionalism doesn’t have to be impersonal. We make sure our clients feel connected and seen.

How do we achieve this? JPR offers a pleasant working environment where colleagues support each other. A place where they are able to develop and grow in harmony with a rewarding private life. There is no room for competition or self-interest in our teams. Because only colleagues who care for each other are optimally equipped to help their clients.

New advocacy also means looking ahead. With our experience in a variety of sectors, we constantly monitor business opportunities and risks for your organisation. We show initiative and share our knowledge. Our approach helps your organisation grow and avoid costly conflicts.

Here, you’ll meet a distinct group of professionals who are just like you. We are equal, diverse, and inclusive. That's why everyone feels at home at JPR.

While the legal profession in general is changing slowly, JPR offers the opportunity to work with the lawyers of tomorrow. Because what may seem quite innovative in our field is the norm for us and for our clients. That’s why we have been a proud example of ‘the new lawyers’ since 1899.

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At JPR, you’ll find high-quality professionals who are just like you. Accessible and always willing to help. 

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