IT Law

IT Law

IT law mainly deals with the many legal issues faced by entrepreneurs in the IT industry (information, communication and technology). IT law is often a combination of contract law, privacy law and intellectual property law.

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Why choose an IT-law from JPR?

Every specialist at JPR has extensive knowledge of the various laws, rules, and regulations that apply. We work with efficient work processes, predictable costs, and realistic rates. An IT lawyer can offer both support and advice.

JPR proves that professionalism does not have to be cold or distant. How we do that? We understand the concerns of our clients and work with great skill and enthusiasm.

When might you engage an IT lawyer?

As IT law is a broad area of law and includes many components, there are several reasons to engage an IT lawyer. IT law often intersects with other areas of law. For example, you might engage an IT lawyer for disputes surrounding contract law, but also in intellectual property law or privacy-related matters.

You might also ask an IT lawyer to draw up all kinds of legal IT documents such as licensing, SLA, SaaS, and data processing agreements. In addition, an IT lawyer can assist you in disputes related to failed IT projects or copyright infringement. They can also help ensure your data remains secure in accordance with new EU legislation, such as the NIS 2.

Do you have questions in the field of IT law?

Could you use some help from a lawyer specialising in IT law? Share your question or challenge with us without any obligation. JPR is happy to help to you.

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