JPR Advocaten
JPR provides input

Our lawyers and legal advisers are pragmatic thinkers and actors. Each and every one of them has experienced the ins and outs of many practical cases. Use this practical knowledge for your own company. Growth? Restructuring? Acquisition? Allow us to provide input and use our knowledge to achieve the best results and make sure nothing is overlooked.

Identifying challenges and opportunities
JPR acts.

The legal world still is the dominion of professional terms and long pieces of text. Sometimes this is necessary, because accuracy and completeness can only be guaranteed with extensive texts. But you simply want to know what is happening. You want to get to the heart of the matter in clear-cut language. Which is exactly why we always translate matters into practice. We will be comprehensive where we need to be, and clear and concise when we can be. This prevents confusion and helps us to act together, because that is our way.

Acting pragmatically and purposively
JPR solves.

We are not miracle workers, but we can do everything in our power to obtain the maximum result for you. We ensure matters keep progressing, are in proactive contact with all the parties involved, and set our sights on maximum results. If necessary, we will use team members with additional areas of expertise, and we are always realistic in terms of the opportunities we identify. This is how we work towards an end result of which we are certain it is the best possible solution.

Doing everything for the maximum result

JPR's lawyers know what it means to do business like no other. If you are looking for a driven and expert legal partner, we will gladly assist you!

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Do you need personal legal assistance as a private individual? You can contact us for advice on disputes, conflicts or family matters.

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If you are a corporate lawyer or HR manager, and you are curious as to what JPR can do for you, then let us surprise you with our practical and results-oriented solutions.

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A caring team.

We are JPR. A team of lawyers and legal advisers. A club of enterprising experts who will gladly use their knowledge and expertise to protect you against the risks you possibly have not even identified, and to help you optimally make use of the possibilities. We do so on the interface of entrepreneurship and legal knowledge. Our only goal: make our clients rest easy by giving them the maximum amount of support with our knowledge.

JPR. Provides input. Acts. Solves.