Construction Law

Construction Law

Are you an entrepreneur building the next site for your business? Or are you planning to invest in commercial construction? It’s always helpful to know what you are getting into. As an entrepreneur, you, of course, don’t want to encounter problems during such processes, especially if they could have been avoided with good legal support. Our construction law team at JPR consists of several experienced specialists who are ready to provide advice and support on all practical matters related to construction law from drafting agreements to assisting during a defence. As a contractor, housing association, property developer, investor, or other entrepreneur, you can be sure that your process will run smoothly!

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Why engage a construction lawyer from JPR?

JPR employs lawyers who specialise in construction law. Our team works with great passion and we deliver quality and accessibility with a no-nonsense approach. Several of our construction lawyers are former in-house lawyers at major contractors, so we have an inside understanding of the dynamics and interests of the construction sector. As a result, we can operate swiftly and address issues practically. In doing so, we aim to find appropriate, out-of-court solutions.

A construction lawyer can advise and guide you in many different situations. Think about the contract price: what price is due? We also advise on types of agreements and standard and general terms and conditions. At JPR, we work with efficient work processes, predictable costs, and realistic fees. A construction lawyer can provide support, help and advice when you need it. JPR proves that professionalism doesn’t have to be cold or distant. How do we do that? Our passionate construction lawyers understand your concerns, and set to work with great skill and enthusiasm to achieve the best outcome for you.

The difference between civil and public construction law

As mentioned earlier, various parties are affected by the extensive legal regulations that govern the construction process. In simple terms, you can divide construction law into two categories: civil construction law and public construction law. Civil construction law regulates the legal relations between natural persons or legal entities. Public construction law applies to projects involving government.

How does a construction lawyer help you?

A construction lawyer from JPR has extensive experience and expertise on all aspects involved in the field, including the application of various (integrated) contracts. Think of (sub)contracting agreements, coordinator agreements, construction team agreements, and collaboration agreements. We also specialise in drafting custom contracts to meet specific needs. In addition to agreements, our lawyers also assist with disputes and provide support as you make and fulfil agreements.

With regard to standard provisions, we have built up extensive knowledge of the UAV 2012, UAV-GC 2005, AVA2013, DNR 2011, FIDIC, and the Woningborg and SWK guarantee conditions. This also applies to standard STABU and RAW specifications. Thanks to this extensive knowledge, we provide in-depth advice. We also offer solutions to suit each specific situation. We can also gladly assist you in the following situations:

  • Drafting appropriate construction contracts;
  • Consulting on standard construction provisions;
  • Guidance and advice during the construction process;
  • Advocacy in (arbitration) proceedings;
  • Offering information and workshops on new developments in construction law.

Do you have questions in the field of construction law?

Our specialist construction lawyers are happy to assist you. Feel free to share your question or challenge with us.

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