Administrative and Environmental Law

Administrative and Environmental Law

Administrative law regulates how the government, both locally and in The Hague, works with society, citizens and entrepreneurs. Administrative law is as complex as our society. It requires sound, specialist legal knowledge to stand up for your rights while balancing private and public interests. Do you need help and support with administrative and environmental law issues? Our administrative lawyers are happy to work with you and provide advice on which steps to take.

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Why engage an administrative or environmental lawyer from JPR?

JPR employs lawyers who are specialists in administrative and environmental law. Each specialist has knowledge of the current rules, laws, and regulations that apply to disputes surrounding their field. An administrative lawyer can assist and provide advice about various situations surrounding all legal relationships involving the government.

At JPR lawyers, we work with efficient work processes, predictable costs and realistic fees. We are not academically oriented but work practically. Our approach is diplomatic and focused on consultation wherever possible. We will help you develop clarity as to whether litigation is the best next step.

We prove that professionalism doesn’t have to be cold or distant. How we do that? Our team understands your concerns and work with skills, expertise, and enthusiasm. We make sure that relationships with the government are also not unnecessarily damaged. If possible, we might even improve them. We always work closely with you to solve existing problems and try to prevent future ones.

When might you engage an administrative or environmental lawyer?

Administrative law deals with all legal relationships involving the government. As an entrepreneur, do you want to expand or become more sustainable? You will soon have to deal with various government bodies, such as the municipality or province. Matters may concern permits, enforcement, and supervision. An administrative lawyer supports you in consultations or in the proceedings.

Environmental law is a part of administrative law. It consists of the laws governing all changes to the physical environment, such as issues surrounding construction, housing and the environment. Besides issues in the specific area of environmental law, we also specialize in similar procedural issues concerning more general government regulations. An administrative lawyer can help you:

  • Apply for a licence to set up catering establishments;
  • Seek certification of companies in the food industry;
  • Obtain waivers and exemptions;
  • File objection proceedings against an environmental permit;
  • Explain your legal options within a zoning plan.

The sub-area that applies depends on your legal issue. The rules differ for each sub-area. An administrative lawyer is aware of the different areas, local situations and regulations.

Do you have questions in the field of administrative and environmental law?

Our team of administrative lawyers at JPR is happy to assist you. Feel free to share your question or challenge with us without obligation. We have appropriate advice for every legal issue, and together, we will find the best solution that fits your unique situation.

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