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Insurance Law

Has your company or business experienced damage due to fire, burglary, theft, sickness or unfitness for work of yourself or one of your employees and is your insurer refusing to pay out, wrongly in your opinion, or are there other issues with an insurance company?

Our expert lawyers of the insurance law and liability law branch have the required experience and expertise to solve your problem or conflict with your insurer.

Insurance law also covers the CAR insurance, fire insurance, professional liability insurance, and business liability insurance.

Experienced insurance lawyers

Insurance law is the field in which our lawyers of the Insurance Law and Liability Law branch work full-time and where they feel at home. Our lawyers have a nationally-oriented legal practice that is proud of being the regular lawyers for a large number of insurance companies. Our lawyers are experienced in the field of, among others, the following insurance types:

  • Invalidity insurance;
  • Professional liability insurance;
  • Travel insurance;
  • Healthcare insurance;
  • Employer insurance schemes for risks related to sickness and incapacity for work;
  • Directors' and officers' liability insurance;
  • Business liability insurance;
  • Construction insurance;
  • Life insurance;
  • Pension insurance;
  • Motor vehicle insurance;
  • Accident insurance.

Extensive network

Our lawyers regularly publish articles with respect to Insurance Law and have access to an extensive (academic) network. JPR works together in an academic sense with Professor Marc Hendrikse, affiliated with the Open University Heerlen and University of Amsterdam.

Insurer pays out

In our experience, if a lawyer of our branch contacts your insurance company on the behalf of your company or business, then your insurer will alter their point of view and will pay out. Without the intervention of the court.

Should your insurer still refuse to pay out, then we most certainly are not afraid to conduct legal proceedings. Our lawyers have extensive experience with conducting legal proceedings against (re)insurers and insurance intermediaries. Often, these cases are about the interpretation of policy conditions and cover disputes.

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